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Fun Ways to Stay Fit: Ice Skating

Posted by Altidash Crew on

Ice skating is known by many as just a fun hobby. However, many who enjoy this sport can agree that ice skating is also a form of art, a way to express yourself, and a way to keep fit. People today are well aware that staying active can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to stay active but don’t like going to the gym, then ice skating could be something you might like to try!

Ice-skating, whether you’re skating for competition or recreation, is a sport that you can do year-round. You can decide to ice skate with friends in the winter at your local frozen pond (depending on where you live) or you can decide to skate indoors at your local ice rink in the summer. This sport can keep you cool while you sweat and give you the cardio workout you’ve been craving!

Some of the ways you would benefit from this sport would be:

  •  Strength

The basics of Ice Skating include stroking, crossovers, and swizzles, which all rely on the lower body movement. The muscles involved while performing these moves are mostly found on the leg such as the calf, hamstrings, and shin. As you glide around the ice in a circle, you will definitely start to feel your legs working out. The more you practice your skating the stronger your legs will become, which you will start to notice when you begin to notice having much more strength and speed while moving on the ice.

While Ice Skating focuses mostly on your legs, your upper body also gets a workout. While the legs help you glide and jump, your arms and upper body position are what helps you keep your balance. Even if you don't think so, your abdominal muscles and lower back will definitely become stronger over time. Your arms will also get a workout because of the continuous to and fro motion used for certain ice skating movements.

  • Balance

The first time you try to ice skate, you may feel like you’re about to fall any second. That is perfectly normal since you are gliding on hard ice using just two blades. As you start to learn how to position your legs and upper body so that you can better move around the ice, your body will become better at controlling your positions and posture on the ice. You’ll notice the ability to balance improve not only when you start to glide without falling, but as you begin to do one foot glides without any problem.  

  • Improves flexibility

Skaters are required to continuously stretch in order to have better motion and maintain balance on the ice. Stretching will allow the skater to become used to extending their bodies beyond their comfort level, which is vital in order for skaters to perform some of the more advanced moves. All that stretching in time will develop into flexibility and will also prevent skaters from getting injuries.

  • Endurance

Since skaters can lose 300-650 calories per hour depending on how hard you skate, it’s no secret that Ice skating takes a lot of energy out of you. As your body gets stronger and your balance improves, you will find yourself being able to skate for much longer periods of time without having to rest. The endurance you will develop on the ice rink can also be applied to when you decide to go running or do another sport.

A fun way to stay fit
If you want to find a way to stay fit while also being able to have a good time with friends and family, then Ice skating may be a great option. The balance, strength, and flexibility that you will gain from this sport can lead change the way you live. Skating can also boost your confidence as well as your mood. You also get to decide whether you want to ice skate just for fitness or if you would like to compete in the future.




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